Turret of Sierra Elvira

Historic context

Belonging to the last line of communication and defense that reached the capital of the Nasrid kingdom of Granada, the tower of Sierra Elvira or Torreon de Albolote is one of the largest watchtowers preserved in the province of Granada and one of the most slender.


It presents a circular plamta of 5.4 m. of diameter and slightly trunk-conical structure. Built in masonry of medium size ashlars, preserving on its face N remains of plastering of original lime plaster. On the S side about 7 m. of height a hollow of access is abre and other two similar the the sides NE and NOT that could funconar like embrasures. On its S and SE sides there are remains of an exterior enclosure built of masonry possibly from the same period that could serve as a defense to the entrance to the tower itself. Although the upper part is not preserved, it should have a terrace with a parapet.


On a hill at the easternmost end of Sierra Elvira, in the municipality of Albolote at about 885 masl. State of conservation It is conserved in good state of conservation being integrated in hiking routes.


Nazrí watchtower tower, ss. XIII-XV. Administrative situation Public property (Albolote City Council).


Protected B.I.C. Monument for the Law 16/1985 of Spanish Historical Heritage, in application of the Decree of 1949 on protection of Spanish Castles.

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