Turret of Soto de Roma


Presents a rectangular plant of 9.45 x 7.10 m. and a height of 11.30 m. with a slightly truncated pyramidal height, its external parameters present a slight slope with a current height of 14 m. although the original height is unknown. With four interior floors: the lower one for a cistern of 6.4 x 4.05 m. and covered with a half-barrel brick vault; the ground floor similar to that of the cistern presents a staircase to the upper floors on the north side; the first floor of lesser dimension than the previous one and covered by brick-stiffened vault, illuminated through open embrasures on its sides E, O and S; the third floor similar to the previous one has its walls opened by three large holes, from it through some stairs it was accessed to the upper terrace which must have been surrounded by a perimeter that is not preserved.


On the road that connects the town of Romilla with the Genil river, at an altitude of 538 m.s.n.m.

State of conservation

It is in a regular state of conservation, although its construction typology can still be perfectly identified.

Typology / chronology

Torre alquería nazarí, s. XV

Administrative Situation

Public ownership.


Protected B.I.C. Monument for the Law 16/1985 of Spanish Historical Heritage, in application of the Decree of 1949 on protection of Spanish Castles.

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