Turret of Chopo

Historic context

From the watchtower tower of Colomera, the entire valley of the Colomera River and the current urban nucleus where the Castle was built should be overlooked. Its main function was to control the passage of the Colomera River that leads from the mountains and ports with Jaén to the Vega de Granada.


Of circular plant with 3.75 m. of diameter it rises with cylindrical form in masonry of medium stones forming rows and mortar of rich in lime. The conserved height is about 6.00 m. of height, without retaining any access hole.


It is located on the westernmost hill of the Sapodilla del Chopo at an altitude of 1,029 m.s.

State of conservation

Apparently it is in an acceptable state of conservation and can be visited.


Arab period of Nasrid period, ss.XIII-XV.

Administrative situation

It is unknown.


Protected B.I.C. Monument for the Law 16/1985 of Spanish Historical Heritage, in application of the Decree of 1949 on protection of Spanish Castles.

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