Turret of Mingoandrés

Historic context

It controlled the passage of Puerto Lope, one of the main access roads to Illora, Montefrio and of course to Granada, allowing to control the passage to the Castle of Moclín.


Tower of cylindrical shape and circular plant of 4.6 m. of diameter and a conserved height of 6 m. Built with stone masonry of small and medium size, forming courses and plasters with mortar rich in lime as shown by some of the preserved remains.


It is located in the municipality of Moclín, at an elevation known as Mingoandres at 994 m.s. Timeline Watchtower tower of Arab chronology.


Protected B.I.C. Monument for the Law 16/1985 of Spanish Historical Heritage, in application of the Decree of 1949 on protection of Spanish Castles.

State of conservation

It is kept in good condition, having been intervened by the City Council, providing it with lighting and facilitating its access and observation.

Administrative situation

Public property (City of Moclín).

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