Turret of Deifontes (Cogollos de la Vega)

Historic context
The Deifontes tower is located at a strategic point to control the passage to the capital from Iznalloz and Jaén.

Tower of circular plant of 4.8 m. diameter. It rises with a cylindrical shape built in masonry with stones of medium and large size, forming courses taken with lime mortar, currently retaining a height of 9.5 m. It preserves remains of its plastering on the outside and almost all the holes of the mechinales. In the SE, the entryway is conserved, a brick arch with key and ashlar jambs.

It rises in what is known as Cerro de la Atalaya, near the geographical boundary between Cogoyos Vega and Deifontes, at 1,160 m.s. Conservation status It is in a good state of preservation, having been integrated into a hiking itinerary and routes of the Andalusian Legacy.

Torre Atalaya from the Nasrid era, ss. XIII-XV.
Administrative situation
Public property (City Hall of Deifontes).

Protected B.I.C. Monument for the Law 16/1985 of Spanish Historical Heritage, in application of the Decree of 1949 on protection of Spanish Castles.

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