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Historical and cultural heritage of Granada

The Consortium for the Development of the Vega-Sierra Elvira is integrated in the present by a total of 33 municipalities of the province of Granada belonging to the regions of La Vega de Granada and the Comarca de los Montes, the latter incorporated in more recent years .

Among the main objectives of the Vega-Sierra Elvira Consortium were included, since its inception, the Dissemination and Promotion of Cultural Values of the municipalities that comprise it and its management at the territorial level, thus generating new lines of cooperation and promotion of these villages, their history and their heritage.

Know the defensive positions of the Nasrid kingdom

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Sports and cultural activity

Route ofCastles, towers and watchtowersof the Nazari Kingdom ofGranada

The last frontier.

The Territorial Defensive System of the Kingdom of Granada.

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Route of Atalayas Defensivas de Granada

Route of Atalayas Defensivas de Granada

Watchtowers or watchtowers are a type of fortification used both in Islamic and Christian times, throughout European territory.

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